Thesis Defense – Serena Garcia BS

Comparison of Directivity Effect on Shallow and Deep Sunda Megathrust Earthquakes Serena GarciaBS CandidateAdvisor: Dr. Shuo Ma Friday May 10th, 2019CSL 422 11:40 amwatch Serena’s […]

Thesis Defense – Dianna Jorgenson BS

Directivity Effect and Surface Wave Comparison of Hawaii Shallow Megathrust Earthquake Dianna JorgensonBS CandidateAdvisor: Dr. Shuo Ma Friday May 10th, 2019CSL 422 11:20 amwatch Diana’s […]

Thesis Defense – Arturo Gregor BS

Are littoral cells from central California beaches closed systems? Insight from detrital heavy mineral distributions at Andrew Molera and El Capitan State beaches Arturo GregorBS […]

Thesis Defense – Klynt Olver BS

Using MODFLOW to Simulate the Effect of Hypothetical Injection in the Salton Trough Near the San Andreas Fault Klynt OlverBS CandidateAdvisor: Dr. Matthew Weingarten Friday […]

Thesis Defense – Christianne Ormsby BS

Paleoecology as relates to Morphology of an extinct North American canid (Mammalia:Carnivora) Christianne OrmsbyBS CandidateAdvisor: Dr. Tom Demere and Dr. Allen Gontz Friday May 10th, […]