Thesis Defense – Clint Callanan (MS)

Sourcing heavy metals contamination in urban catchments through XRF analysis of streambed sediments: Chollas Creek, San Diego, California Clint Callanan MS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Gary Girty […]

Thesis Defense – Hugh McManus (BS)

A Gravity Survey to Determine Aquifer Geometry in Warner Valley Groundwater Basin, San Diego County, California Hugh McManus BS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Kim Bak Olsen […]

Thesis Defense – Wyatt Bartholomew (BS)

Geology of Devil’s Canyon area, western Salton Trough, San Diego County Wyatt Bartholomew BS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Dave Kimbrough Monday, December 19th, 2016 CSL 422 – […]

Thesis Defense – Greg Agyan (BS)

Paleopathological Analysis of Perforations on Ammonite Specimens (Placenticeras meeki) found in the Bearpaw Formation (Campanian) of Canada Greg Agyan BS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Dave Kimbrough Monday, […]

Thesis Defense – Matt Geller (BS)

Interbedded eolian and alluvial strata analyzed by modified latex peels: Holocene Lake Cahuilla, Carrizo Wash, Anza-Borrego Desert, California Matthew Geller BS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Mario Caputo […]