Our program aims to help students develop skills and acquire knowledge necessary for work as leaders in research, professional practice, and teaching in Geoscience

1. Independent research:

We strive to teach students how to define scientific problems, analyze and interpret data, communicate results, and argue in support of conclusions. As in most graduate programs, we emphasize research work as the best means for developing skills of critical thinking and self-motivation.

2. Coursework:

We strive to offer courses at the graduate and advanced undergraduate levels that efficiently communicate state-of-the-art information on topics in Geoscience

3. Teaching:

Many of our students have the opportunity to serve as teaching assistants. We view TA’s as apprenticeships in teaching. They provide students with the opportunity to refine their own understanding of Geoscience, and to organize and present coherent explanations.

Our department encourages contact of potential students with possible thesis advisors. Feel free to either contact faculty members regarding possible class-work or research interests.