Seminar – Beverly Goodman

Ancient Mediterranean Tsunami Deposits Beverly Goodman Geoarchaeologist, University of Haifa Charney School of Marine Sciences Host: Tom Rockwell Wednesday, February 8, 2017 CSL  422 – […]

Advanced Field in Death Valley

The 2017 Geol 508 (Advanced Field Methods) class enjoyed 7 days in Death Valley and mapping in Emmigrant Pass, as the first of 3 field […]

Thesis Defense – Dan Peppard

Shallow level incipient pulverization found with a dismembered remnant of a positive flower structure in the San Jacinto fault, southern California, USA Dan Peppard MS […]

Thesis Defense – Shiying Nie (MS)

WEDMI: 4th-order Discontinuous Staggered-grid Finite Difference Method for Wave Propagation Simulations Shiying Nie MS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Kim Bak Olsen Monday, December 19th, 2016 CSL 422 […]

Thesis Defense – David Anthony (MS)

Possible Biases in the Amplitude of the Deconvolution-Based Ambient-Field Green’s Functions Revealed by Simulations in the Community Velocity Model for Southern California David Anthony MS […]