Author: Heather Webb

Seminar – Kate Rychert

A dynamic lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary: the PI-LAB experiment at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and a global perspective Dr. Kate RychertAssociate Scientist – Woods Hole Oceanographic InstituteGeology & […]

Seminar – Rebecca Harrington

Combining earthquake source observations with physics-based models and geological constraints to infer crustal strength Dr. Rebecca HarringtonProfessor and Chair of Hydrogeomechanics – Ruhr University BochumHost: […]

Seminar – Lisa McNeill

Analyzing rapid, high resolution active rift processes in the Corinth Rift, Greece Dr. Lisa McNeillProfessor – University of SouthamptonHost: Dr. Jessica Whiteside Wednesday, November 8, […]

Seminar – Claudie Beaulieu

Changing Climate, Changing Ocean, Changing Data Dr. Claudie BeaulieuAssociate Professor – University of California, Santa CruzOcean Sciences DepartmentHost: Dr. Jessica Whiteside Wednesday, September 20, 20231 […]