Author: Heather Webb

Thesis Defense – Adan Silva BS

Analysis of the depositional stratal geometry of the Fish Creek-Vallecito Basin in the northwest Salton Trough, southern California Adan SilvaBS CandidateAdvisor: Dr. Rafael Almeida Friday, […]

Thesis Defense – Vanessa Herrera BS

How does fault strike change along strike-slip ruptures? A comparison between fault segments and their regional stress field Vanessa HerreraBS CandidateAdvisor: Dr. Jillian Maloney Friday, […]

Thesis Defense – Hernan Guerrero BS

High-resolution Geophysical Mapping of California Continental Borderland Faults and Landslides Hernan GuerreroBS CandidateAdvisor: Dr. Jillian Maloney Friday, May 5, 202310:30 am in CSL 422watch Hernan’s […]

2021 – 2022 Thesis Defense

Summer 2022 Candidates Future groundwater depletion may exceed long-term sustainability goals set by SGMA in the Central Valley, California, USA (2020 – 2070)  Ryne AdamsMS […]

Seminar -Kenneth Belitz

The Quality of Groundwater Used for Public Supply in the Continental United States Dr. Kenneth BelitzResearch Hydrologist – USGSHost: Dr. Matthew Weingarten Wednesday, May 3, […]