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Thesis Defense: Tina Zeidan

Compositional linear modeling, non-central principal component analysis, Ω and relative variation curves: using higher dimensional space to unravel elemental mass redistribution patterns within the regolith […]

Thesis Defense: Ashley Heath

Effects of illuviation on the petrology and chemistry of tonalitic saprock Ashley Heath MS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Gary H. Girty Friday, December 11th, 2015 CSL […]

Thesis Defense: Janae Fried

Analysis of Anionic Contribution to Total Dissolved Solids in the Lower San Diego River Janae Fried BS Candidate Advisor: Dr. Kathy Thorbjarnarson Friday, December 11th, […]

Thesis Defense: Amanda Linn

Title-Taxonomy and Taphonomy of hadrosaurs (Dinosauria: Ornithiscia) found in the Point Loma Formation (Campanian) of San Diego County, California Amanda Linn BS Candidate Advisor: Dr. […]

Thesis Defense: Andy Jerrett

Paleoseismology of the Imperial Fault at the U.S.-Mexico Border and Correlation of Regional Lake Stratigraphy Through Analysis of Oxygen/Carbon Isotope Data Andy Jerrett MS Candidate […]