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2 new publications by Dr. Vic Camp   International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior Camp, V. E., Reidel, S.P., Ross, M.E., […]

New Publication

Dr. Clive DormanĀ  Professor Emeritus SDSU Geological Sciences Physical Oceanography, Air-Sea Interaction, and Marine Meteorology Congratulations to Professor Emeritus Clive Dorman who co-edited a major […]

Recent publications!

Residual regolith derived from the biotite-controlled weathering of Cretaceous tonalite-quartz diorite, Peninsular Ranges, southern California, USA: A case study Heather Webb and Gary H. Girty […]

New paper by Dr. Vic Camp

Yellowstone plume trigger for Basin and Range extension, and coeval emplacement of the Nevada-Columbia Basin magmatic belt Victor E. Camp1, Kenneth L. Pierce2 and Lisa […]

Two new papers from Dr. Jillian Maloney

Transpressional segment boundaries in strike-slip fault systems offshore southern California: Implications for fluid expulsion and cold seep habitats Jillian M. Maloney, Benjamin M. Grupe, Alexis […]