Changing Climate, Changing Ocean, Changing Data

Dr. Claudie Beaulieu wearing black, square frame glasses and and blue and white horizontal striped shirt under a black cardigan

Dr. Claudie Beaulieu
Associate Professor – University of California, Santa Cruz
Ocean Sciences Department
Host: Dr. Jessica Whiteside

Wednesday, September 20, 2023
1 pm – CSL 422

All aspects of the Earth System are subject to natural variability and change forced by our industrial activities. Scientifically and societally, we need to accurately estimate the magnitude of these changes to inform and lead societal adaptation and mitigation to ongoing and future change. Understanding the underlying mechanisms of these changes necessitate robust characterization and quantification of observed and simulated data. This is challenged by recent advances in monitoring, observational platforms, measurement techniques, and Earth System models that contribute to a rapid increase in complexity and quantity of climate data. In this talk, I describe advances in separating signals of long-term ocean and climate change that can mitigate some challenges associated with changing data.