Faculty and Students participate in the 2016 GSA meeting in Denver, CO

Nicole Fenton
Nicole Fenton – Graduate Student

Poster Title: Zircon U-Pb Dating of Monterey Formation Tuff in the Palos Verde Peninsula of Los Angeles

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Jennifer Luscombe
Jennifer Luscombe – Graduate Student

Talk Title: Provenance of Paleogene Rim Gravels Volcanic Clasts Indicate an Extraregional Source: Implications for Paleogeographic Reconstruction of Southwestern AZ

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Eui-jo Marquez
Eui-jo Marquez- Graduate Student

Poster Title: Paleoseismic Investigation of the Rose Canyon Fault Zone

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Victor E. Camp
Dr. Vic Camp

Talk Title: The Columbia River Basalt Group: A Retrospective of Stratigraphic Field Studies, Leading to Current Ideas on Flood-Basalt Genesis

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David L. Kimbrough
Dr. Dave Kimbrough

Talk Title: The Choiyoi Silicic Large Igneous Province of Argentina and Chile and its Possible Influence on Permian Environmental Degradation and Mass Extinction

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