Each program lists faculty potentially willing to serve as M.S. Thesis advisor. Individual faculty must be contacted directly to confirm availability.

General Geology

  • Allen Gontz (Ph.D., 2005 University of Maine) – Quaternary environmental change, geoachaeology, stratigraphy, climate, applied shallow Earth geophysics, beached, dunes, rivers, and wetlands
  • David Kimbrough (Ph.D., 1982 UC Santa Barbara) – geochronology, isotope geology, petrology, tectonics
  • Jillian Maloney (Ph.D., 2013 UCSD – Scripps Institute of Oceanography) – Combiming geophysical data including seismic reflection, multibeam bathymetry, and sidescan sonar with sediment analysis to study a number of geologic research topics.


  • Shuo Ma (Ph.D., 2006 UC Santa Barbara) – earthquake source physics, numeical simulation of earhtquakes source dynamics, wave propagation in complex media, and ground motion estimation. He uses field observations, e.g., ground motion, GPS, seismicity, and off-fault damage, among others to constrain features of his simulations, such as rupture initiation, propagation, and healing.
  • Kim Olsen (Ph.D.,  1994 University of Utah) – seismology, 3-D simulation of wave propagation using  finite differences, strong ground motion and site amplification, earthquake  dynamics, non-linear effects in strong ground motion, parallel and  high-performance computing, visualization and animation.


  • Matthew Weingarten (Ph.D., 2015 University of Colorado-Boulder) – Hydrogeology, geomechanics induced seismicity, and fluid-fault interactions.


  • Tom Rockwell (Ph.D., 1983 UC Santa Barbara) – paleoseismology, tectonic geomorphology, neotectonics, soils stratigraphy, earthquake history of major faults in southern and Baja California, Turkey, Israel, India, Nepal and other exotic areas