(sorted by PI’s – Last update 2/28/2014)

PI Name Ending Year Research
Dr. Aaron Pietruszka 2014-2015 Collaborative Research: Magnetic Evolution of Kilauea Volcano: Past, Present and Future
Dr. David Kimbrough 2015-2016 Collaborative Research: RUI: Orogenic Exhumation and Neogene Foreland Basin Evolution, Central Andes
Dr. Eric Thompson 2014-2015 Site Response Mapping with One Less Proxy: Collaborative Research
Dr. Kim Bak Olsen and Dr. Steven Day 2015-2016 SCEC SI2: A Sustainable Community Software Framework for Petascale Earthquake Modeling
Dr. Kim Bak Olsen 2014-2015 Community Computational Platforms for Developing Earth Structure Models
Dr. Kim Bak Olsen 2014-2015 Ground Motion Modeler Participation
Dr. Patrick Williams 2013-2014 Refining Age Constraints for Nothern Hayward Fault Earthquakes to Evaluate Hayward-Rogers Creek Rupture Scenarios
Dr. Stephen Schellenberg 2015-2016 Investing in the Future of Paleoclimate Research: U.S. Graduate Student Fellowships for the Urbino Summer School in Paleoclimatology
Dr. Steven Day and Dr. Kim Bak Olsen 2014-2015 Fault and Earthquake System Dynamics
Dr. Thomas Rockwell and Dr. Gary Girty 2014-2015 Collaborative Research: Structural Architecture and Evolutionary Plate-Boundary Processes Along the San Jacinto Fault Zone
Dr. Thomas Rockwell 2013-2014 Development of a Holocene Earthquake Record for the Northern San Jacinto Fault Zone From a New Paleoseismic site at Mystic Lake: Collaborative Research with CSU Long Beach, SDSU, and CSU San Bernardino