Professor Emeritus (2020 – Present)

Gary H Girty

Office: GMCS-120
website: Girty Research

  • Ph.D., 1983 Columbia
  • Master of Philosophy, 1981, Columbia University, New York, New York
  • M.A., 1977  California State University   Fresno, California
  • B.A., 1975 California State University, Fresno, California
  • Geological Society of America
  • Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists
  • America Association of Petroleum Geologists
  • National Association of Geology Teachers
  • San Diego Association of Geologists
  • Elected to Honorary Membership, Pacific Section, The Society of Sedimentary Geology (SEPM), November 2011
  • The President’s Top 25 Award – San Diego State University, 2009
  • San Diego State University Senate Excellence In Teaching Award – Recognizing Excellence As A Teacher-Scholar 2006-2007
  • Most Influential Professor – chosen by top graduating senior from department, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1998, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2012
  • Vice-Chair/Chair/past-Chair, Cordilleran Section, Geological Society of American, 2005/2006/2007
  • Outstanding Professor, San Diego State University, Trustees, California State University, 1994-5
  • Colby, T.A., and Girty, G.H., 2013, Determination of volume loss and element mobility patterns associated with the development of the Copper Basin fault, Picacho State Recreation Area, SE California, USA, Journal of Structural Geology, v. 51, p. 14-37.
  • Girty, G.H., Colby, T.A., Rayburn, J.Z., Parizek, J.R., Voyles, E.M., 2013, Biotite-controlled linear compositional trends in quartz dioritic to tonalitic saprock, Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, southern California, USA,Catena, v. 105, p.40-51.
  • Girty, G.H., Muela, K.K., Olson, H., Sutton,  L., Biggs, M., Sainsbury, J., Ricketts, J.W., Errthum, R., Colby, T.A.,  Carrasco, T., Gordon, E., Pelbath, T., 2012, Toward a unified model for the  geologic and tectonic history of the region between Indian Pass and Picacho  State Recreation Area, southeastern California, in Wirths, T.A., ed., Picacho and the Cargo Muchachos, San Diego  Association of Geologists, San Diego, CA, p. 53-86.
  • Morton, N., Girty, G.H., Rockwell, T.L., 2012, Fault zone architecture of the San Jacinto fault zone in Horse Canyon, southern California: a model for focused post-seismic fluid flow and heat transfer in the shallow crust, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 329-330, p. 71-83.
  • Ricketts, J.W., Girty, G.H., Sainsbury, J.S., Muela, K.K., Sutton, L.A., Biggs, MA., and Voyles, E.M., 2011, Episodic growth of the Chocolate Mountains anticlinorium recorded by the Neogene Bear Canyon conglomerate, SE California, U.S.A., Journal of Sedimentary Research, v.81, p. 859-873.
  • Wechsler, N., Allen, E.E., Rockwell, T.K., Girty, G., Chester, J.S., and Ben-Zion, Y., 2011, Characterization of pulverized granitoids in a shallow core along the San Andreas Fault, Little Rock, CA, Gephysical Journal International, p. 1-17.
  • Carrano, J., Smith, S.T., Herbst, G., Girty, G.H.., Carrano, C.J., and Ferguson, J.R., 2009, Applying a multi-analytical approach to the investigation of ancient Egyptian influence in Numian communities: The socio-cultural implications of chemical variation in ceramic styles, Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections, v. 1, p. 11-21.