Visualizing Stress and Strain: Using Visual Basic 6.0 to Provide a Dynamic Learning Environment
Nathaniel E. Reish and Dr. Gary H. Girty
San Diego State University Department of Geological Sciences


Visualizing Stress

Visualizing Strain

Stress Defined
Deformation Defined
The Unit Converter
Strain Defined
Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Strain
Lithostatic Stress
Incremental and Finite Strain
The Confining Pressure Calculator
Definition and Mathematics of Simple Shear
The Stress Tensor
Definition and Mathematics of Pure Shear
The Stress Tensor Calculator
Measurements of Strain
Normal and Shear Stress
The Strain Measurement Calculator
The Stress Calculator
The Mohr Circle
Plotting the Mohr Circle
Normal and Shear Stresses at Failure
The Mohr Failure Envelope
Plotting the Mohr Failure Envelope
Pore Fluid Pressure