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Programs, articles, study guides, and books written by G. H. Girty and graduate or undergraduate students at SDSU.  
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Study Guides for Geology 306 - Fall 2004

Exam I

Exam II

Exam III

Microstructures and Crystal Plasticity

Visual Basic 6 programs written by G.H. Girty and N. Reish

The following programs have been tested using MS Windows 98, and I have been able to install and run them without significant problems on Windows NT4 and Windows XP Home Edition. However, Rodrigo Rocha noted the following problem while trying to run and install the Visualizing Stress program. During loading the Visualizing Stress program NT4 queried Rodrigo noting that the oleaut32.dll on his machine was older than the oleau32.dll that Visualizing Stress needed and wanted to install. Rodrigo chose to accept the replacement, and the results were that his machine locked up. As noted by Rodrigo apparently Windows NT4 runs with a specialized oleaut32.dll. Though I am not satisfied with the way the Visuallizing Stress program works, to my knowledge this is the first problem that anyone has encountered in downloading and installing it on their machines. Nevertheless, if you download and attempt to install the Visual Basic 6 programs on your computer, then please do so with care and prudence. I hope to rewrite both programs in C# in the near future.

Visualizing Stress (authors N. Reish and G. H. Girty)

Visualizing Strain (authors G. H. Girty and N. Reish)

Macromedia Director and Java versions of Visualizing Strain

Strain Machine (Director 8) (author G. H. Girty)

Strain Machine (Java) (author G. H. Girty)

Macromedia Flash 5 and Director 8.5 programs written by G. H. Girty

Following programs may be useful for classroom lectures involving various aspects of structural geology.  Please note that some files are a bit graphic intensive and may take a while to download on your machine, e.g., Projecting Great Circles and Projecting Small Circles. 

Animations for teaching concepts of strain (Flash5 and Director 8.5)

Apparent Dip (Flash5)

Three Point (Flash5)

Rule of V  (Flash5)

Plunging Line (Flash5)

Projecting Great Circles (Flash5)

Projecting Small Circles (Flash5)

Fold Elements (Flash5)

Interlimb Angle (Flash 5)

Oblique-Slip Fault (Flash 5)

Reverse Oblique-Slip Fault (Flash5)

Macromedia Director and Flash Introductory Structure Material written by G.H. Girty

Some introductory material for structural geology is included in the online book Dyanamics of the Earth in Chapters 9, 10, and 11. The link to this site is -

Dynamics of the Earth

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