mt saint helens
Mount St. Helens - May 18, 1980
(Photograph by Joseph Rosenbaum, USGS)


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Welcome to version 1 of Perilous Earth: Understanding Processes Behind Natural Disasters. This site contains all of the materials for my online Natural Disasters (Geological Sciences 303) class taught at San Diego State University. As reflected in the title, the main topics of this course are the common natural disasters that occur on our planet. As currently constructed (see Table of Contents displayed on the left side of this page), the online course consists of the following nine chapters: (1) Introduction - Review of Rocks and Plate Tectonics, (2) Volcanoes, (3) Volcanic Hazards, (4) Mt. St. Helens - A Case Study, (5) Faults, (6) Earthquakes, (7) Earthquake Hazards, (8) Landslides, and (9) Cyclones. You will find here an eBook representing the textbook for this class, videos of my lectures (screencasts), practice exams, and video reviews for each of the four exams that students are required to take for this course.

If you are interested in a general introductory geology class, then you might consider my Geology 100 class. The link under Table of Contents entitled Notes on Planet Earth will take you to the web site supporting this class which is taught during the Spring, Fall, and Summer sessions..



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